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Small teams are effective teams.

Whilst every development is different, BGT have a track record of maximising the value within the asset to ensure you realise the highest possible sum for your property.

Developing land is often more than a simple transaction. There is an initial feasibility conducted followed by an in depth due diligence. When developments are undertaken the numbers are the most important part. This ensures you get the money you want for your property and that the developer remains in business.

Each property will present new challenges. These are often overcome through a close working relationship between the property owner and the property developer. Again, this reflects the importance of dealing directly with the developer and not a sales person. Above all this, BGT takes your personal circumstances into consideration in every transaction. This is one of our KEY points of difference and the reason why we are known for creating "win wins".

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Brian Gillett

Cherie Martin

Cherie Martin

Personal Assistant
Cherie joined BGT Developments in 2019 having worked as a legal executive for over 15 years and also gaining a diploma in business, both of which compliment her role here at BGT Developments. Cherie is tasked with providing administrative support for our team as well as looking after our clients and making sure their experience with BGT Developments is exceptional. Cherie enjoys that no two days are the same, working with a passionate and fun team and the diverse people she meets in her role.

Shane Ward

Manager - Special Projects

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