Waikite Valley

Imagine finishing work, and stepping into the depths of nature in the time it takes to commute on a busy day.

To feel the twilight dew settle on your skin as the breeze tussles the young native bush around you, calming your soul and tantalizing your senses. Crisp fresh air envelopes your body and fills your lungs in the stillness of ultimate seclusion.

You have arrived – it is time to declutter your soul through nature, to recover, restore, to revive and to thrive; the chance to adventure and chill within ultimate wilderness and to do it all right on your doorstep.

Here you can cook and eat under the stars, enjoy the company of friends as the skyscape rolls overhead, and do so whilst touching the earth lightly with power from the sun, and sustainable infrastructure.

Here you can reconnect with yourself through nature, whether it be e-motorbiking or cycling, permaculture and foraging for your next meal, enjoying intimate outdoor light or sound shows, ecological restoration participation, immersive wellness treatments, or fully disconnecting from the modern world.

Welcome to Waikite Wilderness


Project Type:  Residential

Project Description : Lifestyle sections.


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